blankSimply put, one of our clients has learned (the hard way) that choosing the right developer to start his company is a matter of life or death for his company.

One of our newer clients has asked us to take on the job of rescuing his original company’s website.  Like some of our clients, this particular client owns a few companies and we have currently helped him with the start-up of 2.   But the one we did not help in, is the one we want to talk about in attempts that this particular scenario never happens to any whom read this.

This client ordered his development from a singular developer that masquerades as a company.  When our client received his project, he was static, it looked outstanding and was finely polished.  Here is where our client went wrong — he only looked at the polish, ignoring the support plans, warranty, and flexibility of the product.  Like most companies this provider locked our client into a deal where the domain name ultimately belonged to the provider, and the content was only accessible by the provider.

So, what happens when our client decides it is no longer beneficial to be a BBB accredited company?  TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENTS because in order for our client to remove the logo from his site, that was previously valid, he would have to pay his provider exorbitant sums which is where the money is made — and where most smaller companies find themselves at an impasse.  So now our client is facing trademark infringements of this site, he does not legally own the domain, and his provider is holding his information at “ransom”.

How are we different you ask?  We give our clients full access to every aspect of their site — at your own whelm you can login and change any content you want just as easy as you could write and edit a document in Microsoft Word!  Sure, we offer you deals that your domain is free for as long as you have your service with us, but we also do not have any conditions stating you can’t transfer this domain away from us should your account be in good standing.  This provider did.

So, all-in-all, check your fine print, check the references, and ensure your provider’s customers are ultimately happy in every way possible!