It was a short while ago that our company was attacked over who we designed websites for.  Namely, it was a singular politician that some didn’t agree with.  However, with the political campaigns of 2020 now ramping up, we have a new influx of customers.   Whatever it is, within our state I’ve seen that more and more politicians are seeking our services whether it be digital marketing, SEO services, or simply outright designing a new website.  But that’s what we do.  Politics is just an industry as far as we see it.  But it is an industry we follow closely because what people do in government greatly affects our company, our employees, and our bottom line.

One of the “bad” pieces of reputation that we get is that we don’t do business with just anyone.  We’re, let’s say, selective in our process.  While some customers are choosing us, we chose our customers as well.  We’ve turned down customers in the past.  Either because they wanted to micromanage our developers or because we simply didn’t agree with their politics.  Yes, we’re talking about a politician.

With that being said, we’re always open to new ideas and political insights and we’re always happy to talk to any campaign.  In fact, getting a campaign off the ground or simply improve their reach and how many people see their message is what we pride ourselves in.  We’ll be watching 2020 very closely and we’ll also be weighing in on the sidelines.  But for any campaign marketing directors out there that are looking for that extra ‘umph’ for your website, just drop us a line and we’ll see if we can work together.