You may have been looking around at our website and noticed something strange.  The old customer service panel is gone.  Also, you may have noticed that many of the old services we offered simply don’t exist anymore and have all been replaced by a very simple quote form.

This is a response to both our customers and what our customers want.  Over the past few years we’ve been watching what all of our viewers look at, what they like to see, and most of all: what you buy.   One of the trends we witnessed is that nearly every customer we have either called us for a quote or submitted a quote through the quote form.  Very little (less than 1%) of our clients actually clicked “Order Now” on a package.

Our cart system was also clunky and really didn’t fit our industry well but it was great practice for some of the great websites of our customers that it did fit.   We have fundamentally changed how the private pages of our website look and how customers interact with it.  The first thing you will notice is when you click “My Account”, you will be taken to what appears to be an entirely different website.   That is quite intentional.  As I said, we have been studying our customers and noticed that once a customer has a service, they usually don’t go browsing back through the website to see what else they can buy.   Instead, they seem to be parked on the customer service pages whether that be watching their project progress or looking at invoices.   Therefore, we’ve designed a brand new customer service panel, completely custom and tailored for what our customers want.

This area is now streamlined to give our customers the information they want to see – support tickets, project management, direct messages and group conversations with staff, as well as a custom quote form that sits ready for you to tell us what else it is you need!  We also dropped a few subscription packages in the panel so you can upgrade service at the click of a button.

We didn’t stop there.  This area is now more informative!  When a project updates, or when an invoice is created, you are notified with a nice little notification bubble much like Facebook.  You can even click it to see the notifications and click a notification to be taken to the relevant page or data set.

Oh, but we did even more!  You can now digitally sign contracts with our company from this panel!  Your IP and Signature will be recorded and you will be able to see the linked projects the contract(s) covers.

We’ve also stopped storing credit cards directly on our server.   And for future payment processing, we will either take your payments via credit card over the phone or through PayPal as a means to provide you with better PII security.   There is another reason for this:   Many customers didn’t save their credit card information to begin with so that made subscription services very hectic and clunky requiring us to send an invoice (to be trapped in spam more often than not) and then have to turn a client’s service off for non-payment.  Now, when you subscribe to any service, PayPal will automatically charge your PayPal account (or credit card) until you cancel within this panel or go to PayPal to cancel (which will cancel and terminate your service with us).

You may have also noticed another big difference on our website.   We’ve finally picked a specialty – marketing.  The old navigation menu and home pages showed a mixture of Web Design and Web Hosting (along with Domain registrations).  We’ve completely cut that out of our website.  Of course, we don’t do anything unless we think it is what our audience wants to see.  And with that said, we’ve not sold a single web hosting package that wasn’t included with web development.   That means all hosting marketing was simply – wasted space.  So, we’ve gone into more detail to how our digital marketing can help you under the services menu of our website.

As always, every change we make we do it for our customers or potential customers.  If there is ever anything we can do in order to better serve you, please let us know!