jasa seo handalI was asked just three days ago by a long-standing client a question that I would like to share with the answer today.  Three weeks ago I was asked, “How important is SEO in Internet Marketing?”

The short answer is, “Very!”

When we weigh in everything from Organic SEO, to Paid SEO, to link placement, commercial email, viral marketing, and direct visits, organic SEO always is the constant and largest factor of your viewer base. Sure, your viral marketing campaign may for a day outweigh your organic SEO by 20% or your Paid SEO can outweigh your Organic SEO by 40%.  But Organic SEO is something you can set, and forget, or pay, and forget.  Viral marketing generally requires a huge promotion, and your paid advertising will require you to plug in the credit card numbers.  So what do they both have in common — no what do all but Organic SEO (and direct visits) have in common?  They COST YOU every, single time you use them.

When organic SEO is done right, it will dominate your web and internet marketing.  It will not only dominate, it will be the only steady ROI you can depend on.

But that is not where it stops.  Because organic SEO is cost effective and provides you the steady ROI, it gets better.  No, SEO really gets better.  Over time, your SEO scores improve based on the age of the score of your website.  For instance, if you can maintain a Google Page Rank for 3 years at a 5, you’ll likely be bumped up to a 6 if you can maintain the rank plus demonstrate you can handle a few visitors.  All other marketing options stop like a utility bill that hasn’t been paid when you’re done.

Lets get into metaphors.  Lets assume that like your website traffic, water will be our commodity that is needed.  So, you’re sitting out 4 miles from the nearest watering hole, what do you do?  Well, you could walk 4 miles to fill your bucket every day (like you have to do with paid SEO) or you could dig a well and not really know where the water is coming from (like Email marketing) or you could take a chance that your friends will bring water with them (viral marketing).  Or we can be smart about this, and either dig a canal (and bring the water to you) or move your house 4 miles to the lake’s edge (bringing you to the water).  Which do you think is smartest?  If you didn’t notice, the last two choices was the metaphor for Organic SEO.

Hopefully I have demonstrated that, hands-down, Organic SEO Marketing is the primary task any business should tackle when planning the marketing of their site.  And lets get serious for a moment, even your paid SEO Marketing just won’t work effectively if your Organic SEO isn’t squared away!  How?  Imagine you’re a prospective customer, you see the ad, and you click it.   You go to the site and don’t see what you want right away.  But tommorow, you do something and realize, “I need that” and return to the computer to “look up that company on Google”.  What do you think happens if you’re not searchable?  That is an investment lost.

So, now that you know the dire importance of Organic SEO Marketing, give us a shot.  We’re very well known for getting our customers in the search results in a matter of hours and keeping them there for a lifetime.  Though it generally does take 4-7 months to achieve a heavy score on a common search term.