What can we say, we have been BUSY! Since last year’s very popular contest, we have been inundated with website requests and have developed over 472 websites since November of 2013. This is roughly about 50 websites per month! This year, we thought we would duck the limelight of another contest, but our fans has shown us that we can’t do that just yet with over 72 requests and questions about this year’s event.

Lets start with the recap of last year’s contest. Closing up for the selection process we had several applicants, however our winner from a Facebook vote was Gabriel James. Mr James opted to have the Make-A-Wish foundation to receive a free custom website. We delivered two proposals to the Make-A-Wish foundation and have yet to get a reply. Our proposal stands for five years.

Gabriel James, Winner of the 2013 Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest
Gabriel James, Winner of the 2013 Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

This year, we’re going to mix things up a little. We’re going to have our first place winner, but this time, there will be a cash jackpot, and we will design and host a website both for the first place winner and allow him to also donate his website to the charity of his/her choice.

We’re not going to stop there, we’re also going to allow for the second and third place winners to donate simpler websites to the charities of their choice as well.

This year’s jackpot will be:

@ 1-50 contestants: $500.00*
@ 51-200 contestants: $2,000.00*
@ 201-500 contestants: $10,000.00*
@ 501+ contestants: $50,000.00*


The deadline for entering your pumpkin carving is October 30, 2014 at NOON (12:00pm EST). You must enter your submission by posting at least 3 photographs of your carving at 3 different angles. One photograph must have your name on a card or paper in the frame of the photo. Feel free to personalize your name-card to send any non-offensive message you please.

Judging will take place on October 30, 2014 at 3PM EST until October 31, 2014 at NOON (12:00pm EST) on Facebook. A post will be made listing the contestants with an image of their pumpkin carvings and users can type the name of the pumpkin carving they please. Before October 31, 2014 at 4PM EST, we will tally the votes and announce the winner.

No purchase is necessary to enter your pumpkin carving.

* Cash payouts exceeding $1,000.00 will be made in 5% payments (up to a maximum of $500) every month until the winnings amount is settled. A minimum of three contestants must enter into this competition for prizes to be awarded.