As the dust finally starts to settle you should be noticing a lot of performance changes to the Goldsboro Web Development network.

The server we have been maintaining for our websites was a very old machine (2007 old), a Core Duo machine with 8GB of RAM.  Lately the server had become about 80% saturated during our peak times which isn’t really enough for you to notice a difference, but it was enough to raise our eyebrows and have the unforgivable thought cross our minds, “We hope no one else visits the site for a while”.

Migrating from one server to another when we’re talking about Terabytes of information is a tough thing to do.  It is time-consuming as well as brain racking.  Imagine having to move all of your files from your computer to an entirely new computer and operating system using an entirely different method of storing files.  That’s what we had to do.  We have migrated from a CentOS4 machine to a CentOS7 machine.  This would be why you could say we procrastinated on getting this done.

The new specs look something like this:

4 Intel® Xeon CPU’s x8 cores (w/hyperthreading = 16 virtual cores each, or 64 cores total)
22 Tb Hard Drive (6 hard drives total)
10Gbps Ethernet Port

But of course, what makes us love our data center is the personal photos like this:



This comes with a few other perks, for instance, the availability of new technologies will now be tested on this server and deployed to client servers, technologies such as OpenSSL’s TLS 1.2, MySQL 5.6, PHP 5.9, and Apache3.  This is also giving us a test bed for VPS instances for our customers allowing us to provision dedicated segments of these servers to allow a client to use these servers as their own virtual server.

All-in-All we are very positive in believing that this much-needed move will help us overall provide a higher quality of service to our customers!