If you’re not watching the news, it’s a good idea to start catching up on the latest events happening in DC.  One of those, as some may know, the Biden Administration’s FBI Director is coming down pretty hard on encryption of any kind.  He has said to congress that it promotes and harbors terrorism.  Premptive of the US Congress debating the idea of banning encryption, the state of Michigan has done so banning end-to-end encryption which is the kind of encryption that keeps credit card data safe and your information private.

While I love the people and the owner of the data ceter we were using in Chicago, I cannot abide and obey this law – thus we’re moving our servers home to Princeton, NC where NC has yet to propose such a crazy law.   We have made some preparation as I’ve been watching this situation progress over the past year, we’ve upgraded our hardware in Princeton and we’ve upgraded the network.


By upgrade we mean it, this is our office network – it’s not a normal office network if that part isn’t obvious.  This is a 10gbps IVF (Internet Via Fiber).  We now also have 4 servers. The main server is running 24 threads (12 cores) at 144GB of RAM and virtualizes many other servers we currently have running.  If you are curious what the task manager looks like have a peek:


I wasn’t exagurating when I said we’ve made preparations for this day and for the next three days we will be moving everyone’s websites to our office in Princeton.

Obviously, there is an elephant in the room, what about a DDOS attack?  As I said, we’ve upgraded the network – most DDOS attacks we can handle on-site and if we can’t I have 2 options available:  nullrouting the IP being attacked through BGP peering and routing propagation (this will take the IP offline) and upstream filtering.  If anyone needs DDOS filtering, we can provide this but it costs us extra and we’ll have to offload that cost in it’s entireity.   We have service through both L3 and Charter/Spectrum so the network is multihomed with failover capabilities.  However, Spectrum provides the DDOS filtering and is our primary provider and can handle DDOS’s as big as they can get – what ever their pipeline is at the peer exchange in GA is, they can mitigate or eliminate that much.   That means we have more options available to us if a bad actor decides they don’t like any of our client’s websites on the internet.

We currently have 1 class C IP block additionally with 8 /26’s and 22 /28’s (a couple of /29’s for multihoming).  This is our IPv4 situation, however, for IPv6, we have literal quadrillions of IP’s available, thousands of /64’s.

This has also greatly expanded our service capabilities as well.  Not only can we just offer hosting solutions, but virtual machine (and clustered VM’s) and dedicated solutions from right here in Princeton, NC.  Imagine having your very own company Windows Server for less than $90/mo – we can now do that.  That’s not all though, we can also offer VPN services as well as other network infrastructure services.