blankBetween August 30th, 2010 and September 20th, 2010 we will be adding a privacy policy page to every client on our network that uses our content management system.  This is due to a policy change by both Google and Bing in which documents from these companies are indicating that in October of 2010 they will start lowering page weight and ranking on websites that do not possess a descriptive privacy policy.

The privacy policy we will be adding will be GNU licensed so it will be a free update for all clients across the network.  However if a client should choose for us to create a custom policy for the needs of their website, we will be charging a standard “up-to-compliance” fee of $150.00 per site.  This fee is discounted to those that have the support plan and should want the policy customized to $50.00 per site (this is to cover our costs in getting our attorney to check and verify the legality of the document).  For most clients, the standard free update will be fine if you already have been operating your site without a privacy policy.