Over the past few months, I’ve heard a lot of excuses as to why someone doesn’t need a website. To each, I’ve corrected them but I wanted to put this into words and compile them into three consolidated excuses that I get.


A lot of people have Facebook and Facebook is great for viral marketing but you’ll never get a targeted visit. What does that mean? Facebook is a dragnet. You’re scattering a very large net and hoping to catch someone. The problem is, you could be in the wrong area, your net may be too big or too small, and simply put, you lose a lot of potential.

When you have a website and search engines can properly index your content, you can get targeted, interested users, to come to your website so you can put the specific product or service right in front of them as they visit with a huge sale conversion rate.

But that’s not all. Did you know some companies have Facebook blocked on their networks? They don’t want their employees goofing off on Facebook at work. That means you could be losing some critical corporate clients, including the corporation itself.


This is likely one of the fairest cases that have been made but what has me scratching my head is quite frustrating: Why not raise your prices or hire more employees? SUPPLY AND DEMAND. When you’re already overworked and your work is unique, raise your prices and profit more. What can a website hurt besides causing you to profit even more?

If you’re satisfied with your income, where you are in life, and the business you have, I’ll concede that maybe you shouldn’t have a website. But I’ve never really met someone who thought that they could possibly have too much money or free time.


Actually, you do. Companies like Goldsboro Web Development ensure every effort is made to minimize your involvement in the details of the website creation. The only time your help would be required is when content creation becomes the current task. But, of course, if you already have marketing publications, simply send them to us and we’ll handle the rest.


There really is no excuse. Well, not a good one that I’ve heard so far. I’m sure there may be a good one floating around somewhere, but simply put – every small business, company, and organization needs a website if they’re looking to improve. And let us not forget that a website isn’t just for marketing. We can develop websites into productivity suites that allow business owners to track their own work and projects, invoice their customers, and allow their customers to pay invoices online. We can even develop a website to allow business owners to track employee time and even generate expense reports, paychecks and much more.