We have begun a new venture into aerial photography to ensure our customers stand out among their competition. This came as a passion of RC craft and photography and the lack of resources in the area. Now, we offer state-of-the-art aerial video photography at a fraction of the cost.  Our UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Pilot is experienced from childhood and has a distinct passion for RC craft – you can’t beat someone doing a job who has a burning childhood passion for it and it shows.

Our first visit is a little more than subseqent visits for our innitial evaulations for safety, hazards, and regletory research.  However, we include editing and post-processing filtering in the hourly cost – you just pay for us to come out, and we’ll edit the footage to be a powerful breath-taking show.   Usually we’re able to recover about a tenth of the footage from our time investment after the innitial evaulations.  In other words, if the UAV is in the air for 10 minutes, we can usually use about 1 minute of the footage which is higher than the industry standard of 1:40 ratio.  However, we will only guarantee a 1:30 ratio with cuts and scene transitions.

If you are looking to revamp, redesign, or add a captivating and mezmorizing feature to your website, this is most definately it.  See our portfolio for our UAV work so far!